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  • Mother Daughter Twin Outfit

    Twining is Winning Twinning outfits have become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason! Wearing matching clothes with your loved ones, not only creates a sense of unity but also looks incredibly cute. It's always heartwarming to see people dressing in twinning outfits, and it never fails to bring a smile to people's faces. Our twinning outfit today. Today, me and me daughter have chosen to wear matching outfits for our desert adventure. The matching skirt and top set in a beautiful flower print is not only stylish but also comfortable. It will allow us to move freely and run around in the sandy dunes without any restrictions. It's not just about looking good, it's also about feeling good. When you're wearing an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident, it can greatly enhance your overall experience. We will be able to focus on having fun with my daughter instead of worrying about our clothes or feeling uncomfortable. As we made our way through the desert, I can't help but notice the positive response we're receiving from others. People were stopping and admiring our twinning outfits, and some were even taking pictures. It's a great feeling to know that others appreciate your fashion choices and find joy in seeing me and my daughter twinning. Fashion should be fun and that is exactly what we had. My conclusion, wearing twinning outfits with your loved ones is not only cute and fun, but it also creates a special bond between you. Wishing everyone beautiful day, see you very soon. XoXo Henrieta

  • Etiquette Rules - Receiving & Opening Present

    Basic etiquette for Kids can be fun. Etiquette rules - receiving a present from someone. In this video above you will learn exact way how to receive and open the present you get from someone. We are here presenting the official version, which should be applied when you are, for example, invited somewhere or when you invite people to your home. Nothing cuter and more satisfying is seeing your child ripping wrapped presents excitedly and jumping around screaming joyfully. I know myself the best what I am talking about. But it would be best to keep that for your close family and friends, not in public. It's your interest to present yourself and your well-behaved kid in the best light. Happy Giving and Receiving. Have a Wonderful Day. XoXo Henrieta

  • Table Etiquette Vol. 1 - Drinking out of Glass Rules

    Basic table etiquette for Kids. Are table etiquette and table manners for our kids important? Well, yes. We should not have very high expectations from our kids, and we should not stress them too much; let us keep them kids. However, practicing good table manners with a positive and fun attitude is essential to make our kids grow into what makes us civil human beings. Good manners are necessary; it is a ritual of sharing our well-being and extending respect and courtesy toward others. Dining with our family and friends is a significant event demonstrating our manners and education. Well-behaved children keeping our company at the table make our lives better and prepare them for a confident future. In this video, we want to demonstrate how to drink correctly from the glass. Do not play with the glass or look around while drinking. Look straight into the glass, take a sip or two, and put it back on the table without big gestures. Simple as that. We had great fun making this video; my daughter was allowed to do fun stuff, which is exactly what kids love. If you train it with your kids just as we did, they will have fun memories but will also remember what is correct and what is not, and this is what we parents expect from them. To be confident in knowing what is right and what is wrong. Have a Wonderful Day. XoXo Henrieta

  • Green Tutu Dress I Love so much

    Hello Everyone, I am still here, just been kept busy lately. Christmas decorating, shopping and organising impossible has been on my programme every single day. I try my best to be better with posting in December, lets see if I manage. I am wishing everyone beautiful day. I hope all of you are already in Christmas mood. Today I am wearing wonderful Tutu Mini dress from Namshi. I am planing to wear it on one of my Rollerskating seasons. It looks simply so cool when you dance and roll. What you think? Is that a good idea? Have a wonderful day. XO Henrieta

  • Mother & Daughter Matching Outfit

    Polka dot matching Outfit with my daughter, Why I like to wear matching outfits. "Every woman becomes like their mother," Oscar Wilde. Ok, to start like this maybe scares someone. For those, this article is not the right one. Today I want to inspire mothers to find fun and pleasure in dressing with their kids. The partner look so cold matching-mother-daughter-outfit trend has cycled in and out of popularity for many years. The matchy-matchy look flourishes right now highly, especially on Instagram. If you want to represent yourself as a cute family and show your tight mother-daughter relationship, you are on the right path. Also, suppose you're spending a significant amount of time with your kids in public. In that case, the matchy outfit is an excellent opportunity to show that you are thinking about how you representing yourself to others as a family and team. I love fashion, and becoming mum made me even more appreciate dressing up. After the birth of my daughter, I was so excited that I had to launch a fashion brand for family-matching outfits. It was great fun. You can imagine how people love seeing mother-daughter in matching outfits. In practice, the matching style signal affluence: a creative mother with plenty of time to be able to sew or a mother with plenty of money to shop for partner-look outfits. Look Alike' also means 'Look Young. So mums who feel a little older should consider wearing matchy outfits. It keeps you looking and thinking younger. I prefer to emphasize the mother's youthfulness rather than the daughter's maturity, so be careful with your choices. Your outfit shall look cute and elegant, not the opposite. Today, it's again cool to be a mom, so we should enjoy it and show it. Get an example from Celebrities; they are showing their adorably chic children to thousands of fans on Instagram or the red carpet. Fashion designers like Stella McCartney make public appearances with their children and design children's lines alongside adult clothing. Models like Coco Rocha and Cindy Crawford have shared the runway with their daughters. Why should you not do the same? These days, however, the mommy-and-me looks are usually store-bought and not made at home. Indeed, they often come with decidedly grown-up price tags. But there are also plenty of budget-friendly versions, like Target's recent collaboration with Victoria Beckham. Also, on Amazon, you can find plenty of outfits. And if this is still too pricey for you. Why not start to create your private clothing line? There is no need to make a business of it. Some of the old-school mums, like mine, spend nights sawing dresses for us, they never made a penny, but they created tight relationships with us children and taught us respect for clothing and fashion. I am thankful to my mum for being such; now, as Oscar Wild says, "every woman becomes like their mother" I hope I am becoming like my mum. Have a wonderful day! Xo, Henrieta

  • Meaning of stripes in fashion.

    Shop The Look Let's talk about stripes today. While you might consider stripes to be an endlessly chic and classic style, stripes have less favourable origins. Stripes are one of the examples of textiles which continue to be seen many times in the fashion industry throughout history. For example, in the middle ages, striped clothing was a sign of an outcast or someone who needed to be restrained. Servants and court jesters wore striped cloth; so did prostitutes, madmen, and criminals, not voluntarily but by official orders. This bold pattern is hard to ignore and therefore used to be linked to individuals who did not want to play by social rules. As history has taught us, time and time again, society becomes incredibly fearful of those who reject the conventional, so this aversion to stripes only grew into the 13th century, when Europe law made it a legal obligation for certain types of citizens to wear the style. While stripes never truly lost their connection to deviance, by the 18th century, the design became a much more regular part of fashion in Western cultures. In the 1920s, we see stripes making a statement again, where stripes showed up in newly liberated women's activewear. That was the first time when women were publicly allowed to participate in some sporting activities. Fast forward to the mid-1940s, and that gangster uniform led to the infamous "Zoot suit" worn to make a political statement by communities that were often ignored. Studying the story of stripes is for me very surprising, and we can learn a lot from their history. To shorten this post, I want to share that stripes clothing is hard to ignore; therefore, stripes are a statement. It is a statement of elegance and mental power. It represents freedom and rejection of the conventional, which is totally me. I love to stand out for whatever I believe is right. We need more individuals who are not scared to be different. So stand out and enjoy some more stripes in your life. Have a wonderful day! Xo, Henrieta 1. Ginger Striped T-Shirt This t-shirt is minimal yet flattering and ideal for standing out in a crowd. Comfortable polyester blend fabric Contrast stripe prints all over Round neck and long sleeves Ruffled panel inserts to shoulders Current Price: 69 AED 21 AED 70% OFF 2. AJE Reverb Flip Miniskirt Kick up your heels in this swingy skirt crafted from a lightweight linen blend with a flouncy finish. 16 1/2" length (size 6) Lined 55% linen, 45% rayon Dry clean Imported Current Price: AED 1,168.26 3. RAG & BONE Straw Panama Hat A twisted grosgrain band styles a breezy flat-brimmed Panama hat woven in airy straw. Panama straw. Spot clean. By rag & bone; imported. Current Price: AED 910.85 4. Amazon Women's High Heels Upper Material: Patent Leather + Special Material; Inner Material: Microfiber; Sole Material: Rubber Heel Height: 12cm; Heel Type: Stiletto Current Price: AED 235 5. GAS BIJOUX Colorado Drop Earrings Crystal-embellished bees dance on hinged charms in these 14-karat gold-plated drop earrings. 2" drop 24k-gold plate/crystal/enamel Made in France Current Price: AED 1,108.86 6. Amazon Monogram Tote Bag Tote Bag PERFECT SIZE : W16.5“×H13”×D7.25“ Current Price: AED 78.65

  • Sparkling Gold Evening Dresses

    Shop The Look I am back after a little break, excited about the special time of the year to come. Wintertime is a time of big celebrations, theatre visits and ball parties. So let's get into it. This year I want to sparkle. I can't pass by a dress with sparkles and all-over sequins. I am getting crazy, and I need them all. Here is a selection of my gold favourites; no worries, there is more to come. The season is about to start, so let's go; this is just a warm-up. This time I shopped at FARFETCH and picked some beautiful long evening dresses for you to look at. Some are pricey, but as an inspiration, they must be shown here, so enjoy. I am already looking so much to my next post. 1. Marchesa Notte Bridesmaids sequined V-neck bridesmaid dress So you're a bridesmaid, now what? The first thing to consider is what you're going to wear on the big day. You'll sparkle and shine in this sequined V-neck bridesmaid dress by Marchesa Notte from the ceremony until the final wedding song. Featuring a v-neck, a sleeveless design, all-over sequins, a thigh split and spaghetti straps to the back. Current Price: AED 1,373 2. Zuhair Murad sunray beaded gown Silk blend sunray beaded gown from ZUHAIR MURAD featuring gold-tone, beige, panelled design, one-shoulder, side slit and full-length. Current Price: AED 47,665 3. Michelle Mason draped halterneck gown Made in United States Highlights honey gold silk draped detailing halterneck V-neck sleeveless long length 100% Silk Current Price: AED 4,588 4. Jenny Packham Piper sequin-embellished dress gold-tone flared sequin design round neck concealed rear zip fastening short sleeves maxi Current Price: AED 15,870 5. Jenny Packham Mae sequin-embellished gown gold-tone sequin embellishment disc detailing mesh panelling cowl effect plunging V-neck draped back rear zip fastening long length Current Price: AED 13,950 Have a wonderful day! Xo, Henrieta

  • Why changes are important.

    Let us talk about changes today. What about you and the changes? Do you like changes? Change comes in all shapes, sizes, and intensities. It happens to all of us if we want it or not. Sometimes it sneaks up on us; sometimes hits us over the head, and sometimes we are lucky enough to choose when and how it happens. If you like it or not, changes always occur. Today I want to talk about things other than changes we can't predict. I want to talk about changes to be a better person or changes that make us feel better, happier or more comfortable. By integrating basic, positive attitudes and beliefs about evolution, any of us can learn to adapt and grow in changing or, let's say, improving ourselves. Is it easy? Not usually. Change interferes with autonomy and can make people feel they've lost control. But remember that change allows us to move forward and experience new and exciting things, and that is what most of us are seeking for. Life can become stagnant when you don't actively work on evolving yourself. Learning new skills or working on yourself can bring about changes you never knew were possible. And that is exactly what we all want, or? Our sense of self-determination is often the first thing to do when facing a potential change. It's easy to become intimidated when you compare yourself to others; you might start to compare yourself negatively, and we don't want that. Rather than comparing, start focusing on improving yourself and look for your positivities; we all have them. When it comes to improving, every small victory counts. The more you focus on your improvement, the more confident you will become. In turn, confident people tend not to worry much about other people's opinions. And that is great because who cares what others think, right? My conclusion, making significant changes is a complex process. Sometimes not very comfortable, but I need changes in my life. It's the salt of my existence. Suppose it is moving from one country to another, moving my furniture around the house, learning a new instrument or changing my fashion style. I can't live without it. It reminds me I am still alive. It makes me live for something new and not stand stuck in the old. So please don't be scared; changes remind us we can be or do whatever we want. On this bumpy road of changes, allow yourself to celebrate each milestone you reach, no matter how minor it might seem. You deserve it. Have a wonderful day. XO Henrieta

  • Can you wear gold and silver together?

    Shop The Look Can you wear gold and silver together? Wearing gold and silver at the same time has been Big Tabu for many years. Luckily for some time, this trend has been back on our streets. Whether it's a subtle accent of jewellery, accessories or outfit, I am a huge fan of a combination of gold and silver. Today's white maxi dress from Femi9 is my personal favourite. I matched this elegant dress with a beautiful handbag from Dolce & Gabbana. I am obsessed with this selection of masterpieces of Jewellery from Julie Vos . They produce unique pieces I haven't seen before for that price. Very comfortable Sandals from SAM EDELMAN are the perfect match. I wish everyone a fantastic start to the new Week. 1. Ruffle Detail Tiered Dress Femi9 Soft and comfortable fabric Layered and ruffled overlay panel Ruffled trim details all over V-Neck and sleeveless cut style Securely concealed zipper placket Tiered style maxi dress Current Price: AED 133 Was AED 380 / 65% OFF 2. Girls leather shoulder bag DOLCE&GABBANA Keep the DG Girls shoulder bag from Dolce & Gabbana close to hand for your summer events calendar. Made from metallic Nappa and calfskin leather, it's accented with ornate monograms and a chain-link and strap. material: calf leather, lamb leather internal details: leather lining, card slot colour of chain strap: gold, anthracite colour of fastening: gold, anthracite chain shoulder strap magnetic fastening Made in Italy comes with a dust bag Designer colour name: Silver Current Price: € 1,495 3. Marbella Hoop & Charm Earring JULIE VOS 24K gold plate, freshwater pearl, imported glass, mother of pearl • 1.25 inches • Julie Vos hallmark • These versatile earrings feel marvellously Mediterranean, no matter how you wear them. The reversible charm features a luminous mother-of-pearl doublet on one side and a pearl-embellished gold plate floral design on the other. Current Price: $ 165 4. Monaco Cuff Julie Vos We’ve taken elements of Monaco’s storied luxury and rich history and worked them into the intricate details of this lightly hammered cuff. Twisted wire is lovingly lined around its silhouette and throughout its pearl, marquise CZ, and the gemstone encrusted centrepiece—slip this on for an instant upgrade to any one of your favourite outfits • 24K gold plate, table faceted glass, freshwater pearl cabochons, rose faceted glass doublet • Diameter: 2.4 inches • Julie Vos hallmark Current Price: $375 5. Monaco Statement Cuff Julie Vos We’ve taken elements of Monaco’s storied luxury and rich history and worked them into the intricate details of this lightly hammered cuff. Twisted wire is lovingly lined around its silhouette and all throughout its pearl, marquise CZ, and the gemstone encrusted centrepiece—slip this on for an instant upgrade to any one of your favourite outfits. • 24K gold plate, table faceted glass, freshwater pearl cabochons, CZ, rose faceted glass doublet • Diameter: 2.6 inches • Adjustable to fit all wrists • Julie Vos hallmark • Model is wearing Iridescent Clear Crystal Current Price: $345 6. Trieste Statement Ring Julie Vos Slip this ring on when you want to sport something easy yet ornate. Every flourish will reveal another facet, from a trio of bold, luminous stones that feel lit from within to delicate gold beading and scalloping. Current Price: $165 7. Ankle-strap sandals SAM EDELMAN A plume of feathers brings vintage-inspired movement to an elegant ankle-strap sandal lofted by a tall block heel. 4" heel Leather or textile upper/synthetic lining and sole Imported Current Price: AED 445.52 Was AED 594.03 / 25% OFF Have a wonderful day! Xo, Henrieta

  • Puff and Flowers

    Shop The Look Flower Mini Dress & Puffy Chair Just because I wear a floral dress doesn't mean I'm not a boss. My style is simple; I wear what I like and what works for me. Wishing I was surrounded by flowers all day, every day. What about you? When it comes to looking cute, a floral dress is always a good choice for garden parties and summer picnics. There's something about the feminine flower print that instantly makes you look sweet and pretty. And whether you're wearing a short sundress or a long evening gown, a floral dress is always a good choice. In this post, we have compiled this floral dress from Trendyol together with stunning sandals from Kat Maconie and a handbag from Ella . On the internet, I found this puffy chair I could not leave behind, look at it. It's absolutely superb. 1. Cut Out Detail Floral Print Dress Trendyol This dress is minimal yet flattering and ideal for standing out in a crowd. Cut-out front with self-tie straps Flowy and comfortable viscose fabric Current Price: AED 146 WAS 209 AED / 30% OFF 2. Soft Quilted Chain Detail Shoulder Bag Ella The structured design of this bag never goes out of style, and this piece is a true classic. Textured, durable PU upper Single inner slip-in slot Single inner pocket with zipper closure Single detachable grab-top handle Single detachable linked metal cross-body chain Current Price: AED 70 Was 139 AED / 50% OFF 3. Straight Stiletto High Heel Sandals Kat Maconie Make special occasions even more magical with this elegant stiletto from Kat Maconie. Durable leather upper with frill details Adjustable ankle strap with pin-buckle closure Slightly cushioned footbed for added comfort Patterned synthetic outsole for better grip Packed in premium Kat Maconie box Current Price: AED 928 1428 AED / 35% OFF 4. BLOOMI CHAIR VASESFLOWER Modern design chair Size 50 x50 x90 cm Current Price: AED 430 Have a wonderful day! Xo, Henrieta

  • Black & White Fashion

    Shop The Look Checker & Black-and-White Fashion I am very black-and-white about what I like or don't like, and I've always been that way. Some people are described as seeing things in black and white. This means that they have very defined ideas that will not be changed. No amount of arguing or reasoning will sway them. Black and white always look modern, whatever that word means. Black is stylish and arrogant at the same time. Black can be lazy and easy but mysterious. White is simple, chic and classy. White is calm on the outside but has hidden energy and sensuality. But all the above black and white represent: "I don't bother you, don't bother me." Something black and white is clearly defined and unchangeable. 1. Puff Sleeve Checked Cut Out Detail Dress The Vanca This dress is minimal yet flattering and ideal for standing out in a crowd. Flowy and comfortable viscose fabric Contrast checkered prints all over Cut-out front with self-tie straps Round neck and short sleeves Current Price: AED 76 WAS 126 AED / 40% OFF 2. Balloon Sleeve Checked Belt Detail Dress The Vanca Soft and comfortable textile fabric Contrast checkered patterns all over V-neck and balloon sleeves Mini dress style Current Price: AED 54 Was 155 AED / 65% OFF 3. Checkered Shirt Ginger Soft and comfortable polyester fabric Contrast checkered prints all over High neck and short sleeves Secure button-up placket Each item is sold separately Current Price: AED 45 WAS 99 AED / 55% OFF 4. Balloon Sleeve Crop Top Missguided This top is minimal yet flattering and ideal for standing out in a crowd. Smooth and lightweight polyester fabric Sweetheart neck and long sleeves Each item is sold separately Current Price: AED 47 133 AED / 65% OFF Have a wonderful day! Xo, Henrieta

  • How to decorate the outdoor area.

    Shop The Look Rattan Outdoor Inspiration My beautiful friends now is the right time to soak up Dubai's fresh air and seasonal vibes. But if you're less than impressed with your outdoor decor, it's time to create your private oasis in a flash with these easy and affordable tips. Breathe life into your outdoor area with potted and hanging plants. I have plants and flowers everywhere; they keep me happy to look at and give my space life. Consider adding curtains to make a space feel cosy or even provide privacy. Curtains hung on the edges of covered porches and patios are a great way to create intimacy, provide shade, and add personality to an outdoor space. Enjoy an evening outdoors by illuminating your patio with led lanterns. If you choose the right ones, outdoor solar lanterns can make a profound statement. This pretty piece can either hang from an awning or grace a tabletop. Layer them with candlelight to make your outdoor oasis shine. I have found outdoor throw pillows are easy and affordable objects to make your patio feel fresh, new, and comfortable. Snag a set of these outdoor throw pillow covers (inserts not included) to change the look of your space. Space up your outdoor area with big or small decorative objects. They bring to the outdoor feeling of indoors, and that's precisely how we should feel. Comfortable and Cosy, ready for prolonged reading, chatting, dining or meditating seasons. Just picture yourself enjoying the fantastic weather from your garden while the kids play beside you. Sounds lovely, right? If you aren't sure where to start with an outdoor makeover, no worries, Pinterest is the perfect place to get inspired. Or check the products I selected for you; I got all you need here. 1. Natural Rattan Solar Lamp, H30 ACE Natural Rattan Solar Lamp, H30 automatically absorbs solar energy and transforms it into electrical power. The solar lamp is perfect for night lighting and a decorative atmosphere This solar lamp is ideal to use for a wide range of outdoor activities Natural Rattan Solar Lamp, H30 absorbs sunlight during the day and releases light at night Current Price: $159 2. Tufted Throw Pillow Cushion Covers-Boho REDEARTH on AMAZON 100% Cotton 18 x 18 Inch / 45 x 45cm (1-1.5 cm deviation) Set of 2 decorative cushion covers. They fit perfectly on 18"x18" pillow inserts/fillers. 20x"20" filler can be used for a fuller and plump look. PILLOW INSERTS ARE NOT INCLUDED. The bohemian throw pillowcases are made of hand-knotted macrame in the front and cotton canvas at the back. These cushion covers can add a touch of elegance to any kind of décor and living space. A hidden zipper is used for seamless look and durability; the product is tested for shrinkage, colour fastness and seam slippage Wash Care: Hand wash mild detergent Designed and handcrafted in India for Redearth Current Price: AED 132.21 3. Amerta Teak Wood Elephant Wall Sculpture (18 x 60 x 51 cm) - ACE Amerta Teak Wood Elephant Wall Sculpture is a modern classic 'Wall Sculpture' handcrafted from solid teak wood by native artisans using age-old traditional techniques This wall sculpture is finished in a Natural colour The wall sculpture features a timeless design to aesthetically add sculptural elements to your living space and give it a luxurious vintage flair Add this gorgeous Elephant wall sculpture to any wall to enhance its looks Place this wall sculpture in your living, bedroom, study, patio or even your commercial spaces Periodically clean with a damp cloth (use mild soap solution if extensively soiled), rinse & let dry Taking proper care & precautions for the product will help maintain it in a good state and extend its lifespan. Current Price: AED 799 4. Taylor Precision Metal Dial Thermometer, 481BZ (10.7 cm) - Taylor Precision by ACE With this traditionally styled metal dial thermometer, you can measure indoor or outdoor temperature This thermometer's current temperature is shown in Fahrenheit and Celsius, with ranges of 40 degrees to 120 degrees F and -40 degrees to 50 degrees C This metal dial thermometer is weatherproof and comes with a mounting bracket, making it a functional and decorative addition to a backyard or workshop This thermometer is made of anodized aluminium and glass with a bronze finish, has a decorative copper pointer, and is part of the Taylor Heritage line of classically designed weather instruments Current Price: Special Price AED 33 Was AED 85 (Save 61%) 5. Round Rattan Woven Serving Tray with Handles - AMAZON Hand-woven from rattan, only safe materials are used. Lightweight and very durable, not afraid of moisture. Woven tray with rope handles; Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Dimensions - Lg: 11" x 11" x 2.6" H, Md: 9.5" x 9.5" x 2.6" H, Sm: 8.7" x 8.7" x 2.6" H. In any case, the tray will be the decoration of your interior. Don't limit these beauties to just trays; hang the trays on the wall for a great farmhouse-inspired decorative display. Current Price: AED 78.94 6. Set of 6 Royal Tea Cups and Saucers with Gold Trim, 8 Oz - Okllen by AMAZON Include six teacups, six saucers and six teaspoons. The 8 ounces tea cup measures 4" D x 2.6"H, the saucer 5.7" D, and the spoon 5" L. A decent size for you to enjoy your drinks. Premium Quality: Our tea cups and saucers are made of fine porcelain, durable, lead-free, and suitable for everyday use. Dishwasher safe. Pleasant Coffee Time: This white tea set is perfect for cappuccino, espresso, macchiato, latte, demitasse, tea and coffee, giving you a happy tea time. Elegant Design: Okllen set of 6 royal tea cups and saucers boasting flower petal shape and gleaming gold trim. Bring elegance and beauty to your home, tableware, etc. Perfect Gift Idea: This British coffee cup and saucer set complements traditional and contemporary tastes, a popular gift for friends, family, tea, coffee enthusiasts, etc. Current Price: AED 113.32 7. Jakarta Cocoon Steel Wicker Chair W/Cushion Generic (116 x 105 x 150 cm) - ACE Offers a comfortable way to spend leisure time outdoor Made of high quality & durable wicker with a steel frame that offers longevity Comes with UV & weather resistant polyester cushions for added comfort Specifically designed to provide maximum comfort Able to withstand harsh weather of the region Ideal for your backyard, garden or patio Box Dimension: 120 x 110 x 66 cm; Box Weight: 31 kg Outdoor egg chair made of durable wicker with powder-coated steel frame. Includes cushions. Weather resistant - UV resistant. Current Price: AED 1,999 8. Cocoon Steel Wicker Side Table W/Glass Top (53 x 53 x 47.5 cm) ACE The Cocoon Steel Wicker Side Table W/Glass Top offers unmatched design and durability This side table is made of high-quality & durable wicker with a powder-coated steel frame that offers longevity and features a tempered glass top Table is sturdy & long-lasting and is designed with stable legs Able to withstand the harsh weather of the region Ideal for your backyard, garden or patio Box Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 52 cm; Box Weight: 8 kg Outdoor round side table made of durable wicker with powder coated steel frame and tempered glass top. Weather resistant/ UV resistant Current Price: AED 399 Have a wonderful day! Xo, Henrieta

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