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Finding My Spark: A Journey to Self-Acceptance and Living in the "Now".

Hello, beautiful souls!

At the delightful age of 45, I’ve embarked on a profound journey—one that’s less about the fabrics I drape myself in and more about the thoughts and beliefs that clothe my spirit. This journey isn't paved with the latest trends or high-end fashion; instead, it’s filled with moments of self-reflection, acceptance, and a hearty dose of self-belief.

Loving Yourself Is The Beginning of Self-Acceptance

For most of my life, I’ve been insatiably curious, a seeker of knowledge and wisdom. I’ve devoured books, listened intently to the wise, and pursued learning with the vigor of a runway model chasing her next big break. This endless curiosity taught me a crucial lesson: the true essence of life, understanding myself, and believing in myself isn’t captured in the annals of history or the promises of the future—it’s right here, in the now, knowing who I am and what I want.

Living in the moment, embracing my thoughts, rusting myself, and accepting my personal mistakes and beliefs have become my new vogue.

This shift didn't happen overnight. It was a gradual realization that what I think, how I feel, and what I believe are valid—immensely so. Each of us has a unique inner compass that’s worth trusting. When someone tries to steer me in a direction that doesn’t align with my own, I’ve learned to say, "Thank you for your perspective, but let me find my own path."

I recently had a fascinating conversation that got me thinking. When we watch a movie or documentary, isn't it intriguing how quickly we can discern right from wrong? We effortlessly identify the villain, criticize government actions, and empathize with characters undergoing struggles. We oppose aggression and wars from our living room couches and even forgive characters because, well, they had their reasons, didn’t they?

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When we watch a movie, isn't it intriguing how quickly we can discern right from wrong?

But here's a curious thing: why do we find it so hard to apply these clear judgments to our own lives? Why, when it comes to real-world situations involving ourselves or those around us, do we often turn a blind eye, allow systems to work against us, or lose respect for others who oppose us? Why is it that we understand every narrative twist and character motivation on screen, but in the tapestry of our own lives, we sometimes fail to navigate our paths with the same clarity?

Perhaps it’s because reality requires us to stop and hold up a mirror to ourselves, a challenge far tougher than sitting through a two-hour film. It's hard to admit that it's time for change, to trust ourselves more, and to conquer our fears.

Many of us, particularly as we age, aren't just running from wrinkles but from the realization that we might not be fully enjoying our lives. There’s this looming sense of rushing against time—to find a partner, travel, finally admit that is time to have kids, or simply find a place to settle down because, why not? Isn’t happiness right where you are just as valid as any grand adventure?

Schools teach us many things, but rarely do they instruct us on the reality of the world; they prepare us for the rat race, not for tranquility or contentment with who we are. They push us to strive for more, but what about celebrating being calm, being settled, and finding joy in the simple every day?

Crossing into my 40s has been liberating in many ways. I no longer feel the urge to be everywhere, do everything, or attend every lavish brunch with strangers I’ll never meet again. Recognizing that I don't need to dance at every party or chase every trend has been incredibly freeing. It's a recognition that perhaps the most fulfilling path is the one we carve for ourselves, regardless of external expectations.

And in this beautiful, sometimes chaotic journey, I have discovered a powerful truth: I am a superwoman. And guess what? You are too. Each of us possesses an inner strength that is nothing short of heroic. We are the masters of our narratives, the captains of our souls, and believing in ourselves is the first step toward unleashing our true potential.

Today, I stand more confident than ever—not because the world reaffirms it, but because I affirm it within myself. Each morning, I wake up with gratitude for who I am and excitement for who I am becoming. The doubts that used to cloud my days are now just passing shadows, outshone by the bright light of self-acceptance.

So, to everyone reading this, remember: the journey to self-love and acceptance is the most liberating path you can walk. It frees you from the weight of others’ judgments and connects you deeply to the essence of who you are. Start trusting in your own incredible abilities ( you have trained this enough long in front of the TV screen judging whats wrong or right ), and be proud of what you’ve achieved. Your experiences, your growth, and your resilience are your crown—wear it proudly.

Let's learn to take a step back and appreciate where we are, who we are with, and find peace in the notion that sometimes, the simplest lives can be the most rewarding. As we each continue to navigate our unique paths, let's do so with kindness for ourselves and each other. Embrace your imperfections, celebrate your quirks, and never forget that in the grand tapestry of life, you are a vital thread, vibrant and strong and you are WORTH IT!

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It's All Part of The Journey.

If you ever find yourself feeling lost, remember, it's all part of the journey. We all need time to find our way through the mazes of life. During these moments, it's crucial to pause and reflect. Give yourself the space to breathe and listen to what your heart is truly saying. Engage in activities that reconnect you with your passions and joys, whether it’s a quiet walk in nature, journaling your thoughts, or revisiting old hobbies that once made your heart sing. Sometimes, the simple act of stepping back can provide the clarity you need to move forward confidently.

Moreover, it's important to surround yourself with people who uplift and understand you. Seek out communities—both online and offline—that share your values and offer support. Conversations with these like-minded souls can be incredibly reaffirming and help illuminate the path back to yourself when the road seems murky.

lets help others to self acceptance
Let's Guide Others by Sharing Our Own Experiences and The Lessons we’ve Learned about Self-Acceptance and Inner Confidence.

Let’s also take it upon ourselves to be the example for our younger generation. They too are navigating their own paths, often through the noisy and demanding realm of social media, which can distort reality and undermine self-esteem. They face challenges in this digital age that we never encountered, with constant comparisons and relentless pressures to measure up to often unattainable standards.

We can guide them by sharing our own experiences and the lessons we’ve learned about self-acceptance and inner confidence. Let’s teach them to value real interactions over digital likes, to appreciate their unique qualities, and to understand that true self-worth comes from within, not from online validation. By fostering an environment of openness and understanding, we can help them build resilience against the chaos of the online world.

Together, by embodying confidence and self-love, we can inspire the next generation to rise above the fray and find their own true north amidst the whirlwind of modern life. Let's be the mentors who not only preach but also practice the art of living authentically. Let’s show them that, despite the challenges, it’s possible to emerge stronger and more self-assured by embracing every aspect of their journey. That peace, simplicity, and contentment are treasures worth seeking, and that sometimes, the best party is the one happening right at home, with people who truly matter.

Stay present, stay brave, and most importantly, stay wonderfully you.

Yours in stiletos,



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