Hello everyone, I’m Henrieta and I'm thrilled to have you visiting my website. If you love fashion, travelling and art, you’ll feel like at home here.”  


I'm a fashion designer and owner of HENRIETA DUFFNER fashion label for almost twenty years. My heart skips a beat for all creative things, be it fashion, painting, architecture and any kind of crafting.


Just a couple words to Fashion; sometimes I have a feeling that some people beliefs; fashion is a superficial waste of time; but please don't, don't underestimate the fact that fashion is great fun, it is art, lifestyle, it can be a therapy, but also with suitable clothing, you are giving signals, showing respect or expressing your mood. So don't be afraid ... life is too short not to believe that you are the most beautiful person worth to have a fun in fashion. Put on your favourite dress and show to the world that you are amazing! 


If I can make you smile or ignite in you a spark of inspiration, then my job is done here. Won’t you grab a cup of chai, a comfy blanket, and stay a while?