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Little About Me: Let me share a little about the essence of who I am

I'm a dreamer rooted in realism, a free spirit living on my own fabulous terms. There's no soul on Earth who can dictate my course; I set my boundaries alone. My principles are intuitively guided—abstaining from alcohol, steering clear of drugs, and exercising a keen awareness of others' feelings. In my view, it's the basic logic that should resonate with all of us. My moral compass is steadfast unwavering in its direction.

While I cherish the lessons and wisdom of the past, wholeheartedly embracing traditional values, I refuse to be confined by institutional norms. I value education immensely, but schools aren't the sole gatekeepers of knowledge. I go against the grain of mainstream narratives because I conduct my own research and rely on my individual ability to think critically.

Although I have faith in humanity, unfortunately, my patience has worn thin listening to hollow words from world governments. I've done my homework and can't follow the illogical doctrines fed to us over the years.

Family, for me, isn't just important—it's essential. And to those who advocate for solitude as the ultimate life goal, I can only wish them luck. My family is the anchor of my existence, and I'd defend them until my last breath. We all should realise, despite anyone telling you it's OK to be alone, yes, it's OK for a time, but remember, those with intact family relationships are way ahead of the solitary individuals. Family is the core of our existence.

Trust is a virtue hard-earned, and it becomes even more complicated when dealing with power structures. I have an unquenchable thirst for freedom and an insistence on respect. Treat me accordingly, and you'll find I reciprocate the sentiment. I refuse to compromise unless it echoes my own deeply held beliefs.

And let me emphasise the life you dream of is absolutely achievable—don't rely on anyone else or any system to manifest it for you.

I've always aspired to embody the grace of a respected lady, or let's elevate it—a princess, even! And the best part? I'm living that dream. No majestic castle is needed when I've curated my own personal sanctuary. While some might label me eccentric, my ultimate goal is to be completely content with the journey I'm on.

Finally, I believe many people harbour dreams they're too intimidated to voice. But here's my chic insight: The moment you dare to articulate those dreams, they take their first steps towards becoming your reality. So why hold back? For the judgment of others? Be audacious; be uniquely you. You'll be astonished at the newfound respect that comes flooding your way.

Never give up dreaming. I am very big on that and don't forget to live your dream. I am even bigger at that. I hope I can inspire you a little. Sometimes, it takes courage to be strong and be yourself, but do not be afraid. There is not much to lose, only yourself if you don't do it.

Yours in stilettos,



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