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Tween Room Transformation: Crafting a Stylish and Inspiring Space for Growing Minds

Hello, my dearest decor enthusiasts!

As the sun sets on my little girl's single-digit years, we're gearing up to transition her space from a playful paradise to a pre-teen haven. Yes, it's time to sideline the toys and make way for a makeover that suits a budding lady of taste and style!

The challenge? My daughter is turning ten and, oh my, how her tastes have evolved! Armed with interior design apps on her iPad, she's already showing signs of a future design maven. "Mum, I need my room to have more aesthetic," she declares. Deciphering her vision of 'aesthetic' has been quite the educational journey for me!

She envisions a sanctuary swathed in earth tones, with lush greenery breathing life into every nook. Gone will be the days of cartoon animal posters; in their place, we're thinking of peppering the walls with chic, motivational slogans—nothing like a little daily inspiration as she dresses each morning!

Speaking of dressing, what’s a young fashionista without her mirrors? We’re planning to add expansive mirrors to not only fuel her dress-up sessions but also to amplify the natural light and make her room feel like a grand ballroom. Perfect for a little cheerleader who’s always pirouetting and practicing her routines!

Now, let’s talk furniture. From day one, we chose timeless pieces shipped directly from the Netherlands—beautiful, durable, and environmentally friendly. These pieces will stay, continuing to grow with her and serving as a testament to sustainable choices in our home.

Here's where we hit a bit of a design debate: plants. My daughter loves the idea of fake plants for their evergreen charm and no-fuss upkeep. However, the thought of plastic plants off-gassing into her sanctuary doesn't sit well with me. So, we compromised. I've propagated several of my robust Money plants, ready to bring that touch of green she desires without the plastic side effects. It’s a wonderful way to teach her about nurturing life, reminding her that care extends beyond pets—our leafy friends need love too!

This room transformation is more than just a renovation; it's about crafting a space that reflects her emerging identity and supports her passions. It’s about grounding her surroundings in nature and inspiration, encouraging her to dream big and nurture her inner designer.

Now, let’s dive into the palette that will paint our next masterpiece—her bedroom. Staying true to the aesthetic of our entire home, we’re keeping the walls crisp and white. But to warm up the space, we’re weaving in shades of light brown and refreshing green. Imagine this: rattan baskets tucking neatly into her shelves, a boho round carpet laying a stylish foundation, and a collection of light brown accessories dotting the landscape. It's like a Pinterest board come to life!

During a scavenger hunt around the house for potential treasures, my daughter eyed some statement pieces that she adored, but in hues that didn’t quite tickle her fancy. Enter DIY Mum, armed with my trusty Rust-Oleum Chalked Style sprays—recently tested on our "Cat Recovery Refuge" and perfect for turning the mundane into the magical. Anything that looks a tad boring is about to embark on a transformation journey into something exciting.

One project I’m particularly excited about is transforming her plain old writing desk into a multifunctional space where beauty meets productivity. By adding a mirror and crafting wooden storage for her makeup and accessories, it will serve as both a vanity and a study area.

Speaking of transformations, let me share a heartwarming story. Recently, my daughter embarked on a room-clearing mission, deciding it was time to part with her toys. Unlike the teary-eyed negotiations of the past, she was determined to declutter. We placed her toys in front of our house for the community to enjoy, and within hours, they found new homes. Watching her joy as she made other children happy was a proud moment for me. It was a clear sign; my little girl is blossoming into a thoughtful young lady.

As we gear up for her 10th birthday—and mine too, it seems—I’m not just celebrating a decade of her life but also my journey as a mother. It’s a dual celebration of growth, love, and the joy of giving her the best I can. I wish for the strength and means to support her becoming a kind, healthy, and happy person.

Reflecting on my own childhood, my mother once painted a vast forest and a giant tree in my room. While we didn't have endless inspirations or resources back then, the sparkle in her eyes as she worked on that project is a memory I cherish deeply. I know I’ll have that same sparkle when I finish my daughter’s room. Because, in the end, it's all about adding a little more happiness to our lives.

So, fingers crossed for our project! Home decorating has always been a passion of mine, and I’m buzzing with excitement to get started. With the help of my husband and my daughter, I know this transformation will be nothing short of amazing. I can't wait to share the progress and the final reveal with all of you. Here some more ideas how her room may ends.

Stay tuned for updates, and wish us luck—we’re diving into a world of creativity, laughter, and probably a bit of paint in our hair! I’ll keep you posted!

Yours in stilettos,



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