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Women's Fashion in Dubai is Changing. High Heels or High Hopes? Dubai's Fashion Evolution

Dubai fashion, Leasure Wear in Dubai
Dubai's Fashion is Changing.

Women's Fashion in Dubai is Changing, From Heels to Sneakers?

Hello, fabulous fashionistas!

Ah, it’s been a minute since I graced your screens—life has been sprinting past me, and honestly, my calendar gave up trying to keep up! I tried to post this update before, but it seems My Blog wasn't quite ready for my grand return. Maybe it thought I was too fabulous this time? 😂

Let's stroll down memory lane and chat about the ever-evolving fashion scene here in Dubai, where I landed back in 2017. Upon arrival, it was like stepping into a fashion magazine. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was decked out to the nines. The local ladies? They could give Vogue a run for its money, looking absolutely divine from head to toe.

Back in those days, long, stunning dresses and sky-high heels were the unofficial uniform. Walking through the malls, you'd see signs pleading for modest attire, yet those glamorous ensembles were everywhere, making every corridor seem like a runway. Despite the polite reminders still hanging by the entrances today, the dress code has relaxed a bit—sometimes, a bit too much for my taste.

Fast forward to today, and there’s a new trend on the block: athleisure, my dears. Yes, whether you're popping into Marina Mall or trotting around Golden Mile, everyone looks like they've just stepped out of a yoga class—permanently.

Dubai fashion is changing
Dubai's Beautiful Girls are Everywhere, Do You Think its OK to Wear Leisure All Day Long?

Curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to spend a whole day in sportswear. Verdict? I felt like I was undercover—in my own life! It's comfy, sure, but let’s just say it felt a bit like wearing pajamas to a gala. My daughter cheered, "Mum, you look so cool!" Sweet, isn’t she? But between us, I felt more like a misplaced marathon runner!

As much as I adore the comfort, heels are my soulmates, and trainers just don't speak my love language. I miss the days when dressing up was the norm, not the exception. Old Dubai had this magical flair—a city where everyone dressed like they might bump into royalty at the supermarket.

Lately, however, it seems like anything goes. Hot pants and skirts have gotten shorter, and some t-shirts are revealing far more than they conceal. I’ve even spotted a brave soul or two strutting around in bikinis that leave little to the imagination, and a young guy wandering Marina Mall in nothing but swim shorts! While Dubai certainly hosts a dazzling array of beautiful people—giving even Brazil's beaches a run for their money—the fashion scene has taken a turn towards the overly casual. It's a beach party out there, and not everyone got the memo that we're still in public.

So, let’s make a pact, shall we? Let's bring back the glam, the chic, the fabulous! Who’s ready to ditch the sneakers and slip back into some stilettos with me? Let’s show My Blog just how much sparkle we can bring to our style!

Stay fabulous!

Yours in stilettos,



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