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Why changes are important.


Let us talk about changes today. What about you and the changes? Do you like changes? Change comes in all shapes, sizes, and intensities. It happens to all of us if we want it or not. Sometimes it sneaks up on us; sometimes hits us over the head, and sometimes we are lucky enough to choose when and how it happens. If you like it or not, changes always occur.

Today I want to talk about things other than changes we can't predict. I want to talk about changes to be a better person or changes that make us feel better, happier or more comfortable.

By integrating basic, positive attitudes and beliefs about evolution, any of us can learn to adapt and grow in changing or, let's say, improving ourselves. Is it easy? Not usually. Change interferes with autonomy and can make people feel they've lost control. But remember that change allows us to move forward and experience new and exciting things, and that is what most of us are seeking for. Life can become stagnant when you don't actively work on evolving yourself.

Learning new skills or working on yourself can bring about changes you never knew were possible. And that is exactly what we all want, or? Our sense of self-determination is often the first thing to do when facing a potential change. It's easy to become intimidated when you compare yourself to others; you might start to compare yourself negatively, and we don't want that. Rather than comparing, start focusing on improving yourself and look for your positivities; we all have them. When it comes to improving, every small victory counts. The more you focus on your improvement, the more confident you will become. In turn, confident people tend not to worry much about other people's opinions. And that is great because who cares what others think, right?

My conclusion, making significant changes is a complex process. Sometimes not very comfortable, but I need changes in my life. It's the salt of my existence. Suppose it is moving from one country to another, moving my furniture around the house, learning a new instrument or changing my fashion style.

I can't live without it. It reminds me I am still alive. It makes me live for something new and not stand stuck in the old. So please don't be scared; changes remind us we can be or do whatever we want.

On this bumpy road of changes, allow yourself to celebrate each milestone you reach, no matter how minor it might seem. You deserve it.

Have a wonderful day.

XO Henrieta


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