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Are you ready for Indoor Garden?


A good garden never goes out of style—all the more so if it's inside your home. Let's talk about how to liven your home with plants and flowers.

Our house has tall windows all over the place, so you feel like you live outside in the garden all year long. That's why I wanted to bring the garden feeling to our home, to accomplish our home. I am a nature lover, and living in a big city can sometimes drift you away from this crucial connection with nature. Green plants and flowers are a timeless way of embellishing interior spaces, and a thoughtfully designed indoor garden can add tranquillity and liveliness to the interior. Did you know that greenery is a natural mood enhancer? Plants enhance the ambience with their intense natural energy. I can not live without plants; they make me happy.

There are no rules for creating a beautiful indoor garden, but here are some tips to help you create balanced indoor/outdoor living.

1. Know your environment and work with plant species that thrive in their natural setting and can be maintained to stay healthy. This has to be the No. 1 priority when you're planning to buy new plants. Think about your climate. Don't force yourself to purchase plants to create the desired look that is not meant for the environment or architecture of your home.

2. Size is one of the most significant factors to be conscious of. You don't want to create distractions or block views or natural light. Make sure you try to achieve a look proportionate to other elements in the space. And always consider how much light your plant needs.

3. I would advise against using live plants that need to be regularly watered. My absolute favourite easy indoor plant is the Money Plant or Englisch Ivy. It adds a bit of asymmetry and interest if it's hanging on a mantle or a display case. They don't need much water and are easy to handle.

4. The pots and vessels should have colours and styles that connect to other finishes in the home so that the garden easily plays off the vibe you already have.

5. Lastly, educate yourself on the plant care you'll have to give your indoor garden because some plants are low maintenance while others are super tricky. My advice is, to begin with, easier greenery, so you will not have to go through the process of failing and losing interest in extending your indoor garden.

Remember, this part of your home should feel relaxing and should, therefore, be styled effortlessly. Comfortable cushions, thrown blanket resting over an armchair, and stacks of magazines or books may find themselves on the floor beside an outdoor reading chair. This is the space where it should look a bit unbuttoned so that you can unwind.

Have a wonderful day!

Xo, Henrieta


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Marcus Duffner
26 sept 2022

The best time of the year is coming now for the next eight months here in Dubai.

Me gusta
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