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Mother & Daughter Matching Outfit


Polka dot matching Outfit with my daughter,

Why I like to wear matching outfits.

"Every woman becomes like their mother," Oscar Wilde.

Ok, to start like this maybe scares someone. For those, this article is not the right one. Today I want to inspire mothers to find fun and pleasure in dressing with their kids.

The partner look so cold matching-mother-daughter-outfit trend has cycled in and out of popularity for many years. The matchy-matchy look flourishes right now highly, especially on Instagram. If you want to represent yourself as a cute family and show your tight mother-daughter relationship, you are on the right path. Also, suppose you're spending a significant amount of time with your kids in public. In that case, the matchy outfit is an excellent opportunity to show that you are thinking about how you representing yourself to others as a family and team.

I love fashion, and becoming mum made me even more appreciate dressing up. After the birth of my daughter, I was so excited that I had to launch a fashion brand for family-matching outfits. It was great fun. You can imagine how people love seeing mother-daughter in matching outfits. In practice, the matching style signal affluence: a creative mother with plenty of time to be able to sew or a mother with plenty of money to shop for partner-look outfits.

Look Alike' also means 'Look Young. So mums who feel a little older should consider wearing matchy outfits. It keeps you looking and thinking younger. I prefer to emphasize the mother's youthfulness rather than the daughter's maturity, so be careful with your choices. Your outfit shall look cute and elegant, not the opposite.

Today, it's again cool to be a mom, so we should enjoy it and show it. Get an example from Celebrities; they are showing their adorably chic children to thousands of fans on Instagram or the red carpet. Fashion designers like Stella McCartney make public appearances with their children and design children's lines alongside adult clothing. Models like Coco Rocha and Cindy Crawford have shared the runway with their daughters. Why should you not do the same?

These days, however, the mommy-and-me looks are usually store-bought and not made at home. Indeed, they often come with decidedly grown-up price tags. But there are also plenty of budget-friendly versions, like Target's recent collaboration with Victoria Beckham. Also, on Amazon, you can find plenty of outfits. And if this is still too pricey for you. Why not start to create your private clothing line? There is no need to make a business of it. Some of the old-school mums, like mine, spend nights sawing dresses for us, they never made a penny, but they created tight relationships with us children and taught us respect for clothing and fashion. I am thankful to my mum for being such; now, as Oscar Wild says, "every woman becomes like their mother" I hope I am becoming like my mum.

Have a wonderful day!

Xo, Henrieta




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