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Wet look experiment.

Today was a little different day, we sat in the garden and enjoyed the sun while I've decided to create the at the moment very popular look everyone talks about, "The Wet-look" from MET Ball Kim K. worn.

OMG, the tricky part was not to create it, but to make a reasonable glossy picture! Absolutely impossible with my iPhone! Not glossy enough or so glossy that it looked far too strange.

Anyway, here is the result. I love it on Kim; she looked stunning! I wore this look in my youth while living in London, trying to keep my hair wet with plenty of gel, water and hairspray, that did the trick, and believe me, it was a big success at the time ;-), some of you remember me!

This crazy time I love to remember, nights partying without knowing a bit about life! How liberating!

That's why I decided to try this look again. The conclusion: I loved my skin glowing! I felt sexy, but honestly, not make-up for me at the moment, I guess I am too mature for being a glossy girl and also the shimmer everywhere made me nervous.

Another issue I have with this make-up; since some time I am trying to change my look little and trying to wear the eyeliner, my eyes don't want me to wear it! Pretty annoying!

After a short time, my eyes start to itch, the same issue I have with false lashes. I can not wear them; I am allergic to them. And that makes me sad. I love big dramatic lashes.

But don't worry, I am not giving up! I am still trying and searching for new options.

We are going soon to a big party event, and I will definitively do little shimmer, but far less as today!

Anyway, after the shoot, we jumped into the pool and had a fun day! I guess Kim was not doing the same after the MET party or?




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