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Stars of American ballet

It`s Friday, and we went to the Opera to see the Stars of American Ballet. Today for the first time little different, on the weekend presents Dubai opera the shows also from 2:00 p.m., which is the perfect time for our little ballerina. She can enjoy the show without being tired. Opera was filled with families and kids, running around in beautiful evening dresses.

It was a fun experience mainly because we met plenty of friends from our ballet academy but also our close friends.

The ballet itself was entertaining, but we have seen already much better dancers, no offence to the hard-working young ballet dancers, they were great, but in comparisment what we have seen in the past, this show was half so good.

But never mind, Estelle enjoyed that show and got inspired by the dancers such, that she could not resist in the break time to dance around.

Kisses and always dance!



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