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Riverland Dubai Piano Concert

Today is a big day for our little star! She had her first open-air piano concert. The location could not be selected better, in Riverland Dubai. Fantastic place for families and kids.

Èstelle attends a piano class for one year, she loves it and us too. We enjoy watching this beautiful little girl grow with such a great instrument as a piano.

What a beautiful day, kids were running around without any stress from the presentation on the stage; it was a smooth and very professionally organized performance from all participants. All kids knew each other and enjoyed the day gratefully, not only by performing but also just playing around.

Thank you for organizing the event. We love our music school, and we love our Èstelle! You are our superstar!

So, for all of you out there, if you have a chance to learn something, don't say no to it, it will make you a rich person.




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