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Riding horse in Dubai - Me and Spotty

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Many of you would ask if it is possible to keep a horse in hot Dubai.

Well, sure it is, not only that this country is well known for owning the most beautiful and expensive horses from all over the world. But it is also very known for treating the horses the most creative and modern way, huge stables with fitness and swimming pools or air-conditioned stables are nothing special here in Dubai.

The horse culture is quite present, and if you are new here, you will definitively not have a problem to find your favourite stable somewhere nearby your home.

Dubaianer are spending weekends in the desert with horse riding, which is not even expensive and is worth to try. It is a fantastic experience.

We are spending our precious time in Jebel Ali stables, Èstelle and I are here 2 or 3 times a week to ride our lovely Spotty, he is already part of our family, and he is a big love of us. Estelle has a special relationship with Spotty, do not ask me why, she is riding her pony Hanny, but the love between the two is hard not to see, Spotty loves her so much. Whenever I come alone without Estelle, I can feel as he would ask "and where is your little girl?"

It is beautiful to have a horse friend. Somehow I am so much connected to this white prince, I trust him and feel very confident with Spotty.

Sitting on the horseback is more than just a power, it is freedom and connection with nature.

It is not only about riding a horse, but about spending the time together, walking or sit in the stable and talking nonsense. It is very relaxing and gives me such energy.

I wish every horse to have a good life and a kind owner.

Kisses Henrieta


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