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Quarantine & Lockdown

Good morning everyone, two days ago I went first time after a five long weeks of quarantine out for shopping. Dubai is still sleeping under the lockdown, I thought it will be refreshing for my head to go out to see other people, I came back with mixed feelings and I have to admit too, that I was crying in the car, cause seeing how our lifes changed so drastically made me quite emotional. But I know all will be good very soon and we going to have our lifes back. On Youtube I found a video about positive energy, in this video we all asked take a minute or longer, every day at 11 o’clock morning and evening to send to the universe our positive energy and love, positive energy is power to change things. We started yesterday with Marcus. I know it may be strange for some of you, but what else can we do from here to make the world better? It’s worth of trying. Here the link for the video, but there are many videos in web explaining the physic and the power of our own energy.

OH, and one little thing, I symbolically wearing this dress which I made in my quarantine time, I decided to wear it for my first trip out of the house after such long time.

Have a lovely and very positive day.

Sending you my love and positive energy 💋.


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