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Pirates in Dubai Festival City

Today we have dropped Marcus to the airport, which is in Deira nearby the Festival City shopping mall, so we grabbed the chance to visit it after a long time not being here.

I like this place for several reasons, but the major is that this Mall is not that crowded and most of the visitors are locals and no tourists. I love the atmosphere and also the shop selection; let's not forget the kids club, which Èstelle adores. For the IKEA fans, this IKEA is positioned directly in the mall.

Festival City Mall offers nice and fancy shows throughout the whole year. This time the theme was Pirates, Èstelle loved that idea and already at home she dressed as a pirate!

Me and my mum we waisted the time shopping and drinking coffee in lovely Belgium patisserie Godiva; and in the meanwhile Èstelle enjoyed herself in the kids club, which at this time, she spent a record time over 3 hours, she simply made lots of friends and did not want to go.

My mum got from one lovely Emirate family a rose, that was a wonderful moment, without any specific reason, a young girl sitting next to us, came to my mum and gave her this flower. We are always lucky to meet beautiful and good people, this was another special moment to remember. Can you see the hand of Estelle on the picture, trying to grab the rose? Typical.

After this pleasant experience, we went to see the Pirate show and played the pirates on the big wooden boat. Which was actually great fun.

I am wearing my favourite colour, blouse from Coast, pants from Hyfve Hyfve, shoes Steve Madden, belt D&G.

Kiss, enjoy and always smile.



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