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Our Chrismas Party outfit.


We are invited to Christmas party today. We picked our favourite yellow dresses.

Estelle wanted a pink hair accessory, and I had no chance to pursue her do pick something different. When this little girl decides, parents have not much to say. I tried some reasonable arguments but forget it.

However, now when I see the pictures, I have to say. Yes! Not bad.

I keep it simple today, no jewellery at all, the dress is strong enough.

I am posting this pictures to show you, how amazing is my lovely daughter, she always makes me laugh, making jokes all the time. I noticed that she already as a baby, tried to make jokes to entertain everyone around. Hope one day she will get some reasonable job and not be a comedian. No offence to comedians, I love to laugh, but let us hope for this little lady, she keep smiling forever.



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