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My garden is my favorite place

Sounds for lots of people very familiar, sure, why not.

I love my garden because is quiet and every single day gives me lots of sun and rest, my flowers making me happy and proud. Two years ago there was only desert sand and nothing more. Me and Marcus, we planted every single flower growing here, and ever since than I am the patron this legacy.

It gives my daughter plenty of space to play but also many precious moments when she learns about flowers and the little tiny creatures living within. From lizards, beautiful beetles, ants and colorful birds to our 2 straight cats living and guarding this magical place.

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We are in the garden every single day, garden is part of our living concept, or maybe better to say our big home and its design is very much part of living outside, thanks to big glass fronts everywhere which we keep most of the day open, it feels like living in the garden.

I am wearing Max Studio London caro dress, hat Ralf Lauren.

Kisses H.


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