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My birthday again?

Ufff today is my birthday! It feels like we just finished my 40ties celebration and now shall I celebrate 41?

OK, I will take it as it is. I will accept the fact that I am not getting younger, at least I will pretend.

This time I will not write any smart and positive messages about being a mature woman.

I genuinely believe that age is a funny number which from now till my last day will probably annoy me. I can not change that fact, so I will play the game.

I know I feel amazing, I am happier than ever, so why bother about the age.

Today will be a fun pool party celebration with my charming and very close friends. Nothing huge but with people I love.

I wear my black and white stripy swimsuit from Seafolly and my favorite stripy hat, all fits to my garden furniture and decoration. Let's not forget, it might be a small party, but always stylish ;-).

My wish:

I wish to myself to be healthy, active and strong.

To be always there for my loving family if they need me.

I wish to continue my life as it is.

To be every day with my beautiful daughter Estelle, because I just can't get enough of her.

To be good wife and friend to my husband Marcus.

Keep the most amazing and genuine friendship with my wonderful mum and brother.

Keep in touch with all my dear friends.

Last but not least, to contribute this planet in a positive way, my mission to help animal welfare has been my passion since ever, I love to be stronger and never give up.

To all of you turning 40, ladies heads up! Don't believe there is something tragical happening, maybe we need more makeup than before, but you know what?

At this age, we can afford it! I remember when I was 20, I didn't need makeup at all, lucky me, because I didn't even have the money to buy it!

So all is OK! Enjoy life and never forget to be stylish on any occasion; maybe someone is watching you? Likes you? Want you? Every day is full of surprises ;-).

Friends, for today it is all, now I will enjoy my birthday party and eat tons of my delicious cake!




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