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More is more.​

Henrieta Duffner
Having a personal stylist is a great privilege as you can see I have one.

Weeks ago came across my computer a video about ageing and fashion.

I was so impressed and discovered a great interest in this subject that I spend days watching very inspiring, beautiful ladies talking about being old and beautiful. Just check Linda Rodin or Carmen Dell'Orefice, on youtube, you will find plenty of material about those ladies. I watched documentaries about Marlen Dietrich on Elizabeth Tailor who once said, "more is more". I love this quote; it is so much true. OK, she meant diamonds, not everyone can afford it, but especially in the fashion, more shoes, more clothes and more accessories, we girls have never enough.

Henrieta Duffner
Ageing is growing, not in size, but in wisdom, that's a good deal.

Somehow those videos gave me the energy of not being scared of ageing, but the most important message they shared with me, is not to be afraid of playing with fashion and with your own style, try new things and never care what others think and that's the key for all.

Henrieta Duffner
I am getting every year older, how to remain looking young? I will fight to the last minute, but I try the natural way.

And there it comes, the question about physical ageing! How scary for most of us. Sure I am getting slowly older, with my forehead wrinkles I cannot deny that I am 40, but why not, thinking about getting botox or other? Not with me, I want to be myself, want to get older with pride. Sure beautiful skin and youth is something we all want to own forever. But not for the sake of my health, and let us not to forget about never-ending animal testing, just to keep humankind looking great!? Hmm, not very logical and kind of strange to me.

Henrieta Duffner
My daughter, my happy family and makeup can do magic.

Watching my mother ageing is nothing terrible, she is beautiful women, never did any cosmetic corrections or improvements, and her skin is OK for her age. And to be honest, I do not even see any remarkable age difference between people with or without cosmetic corrections, to have a skin tighter doesn't change your mature look, you maybe look fresher, but makeup can do magic, and you are on the safe side.

I am aware of my responsibilities towards to my daughter.

Next, is the fact of being a mother; I need to be a role model for my daughter, as my mum is to me. I want my daughter to grow up as a confident person. It will not be much cheering telling her, that she should be happy about herself, but me doing all possible to manipulate my look. Getting older gracefully is definitively the way I try to go. Meanwhile, I will fight with makeup and any semi-natural possibilities to keep up with the younger generation. Oh, furthermore the beloved Photoshop is also a pretty simple solution to look younger ;-), at least on the pictures. My friends, please do not take me wrong, I do not criticise any of you doing it differently, I am writing for me, and how I feel about myself, I would never judge any of you for your decisions. This world is remarkably challenging with a vast variety of possibilities, it is only upon us and our situation to make the right choice in whatever we do.

Treat yourself like a princess, you deserve it.

I noticed that my view on fashion and my style slightly changed while getting older. I dress smart and comfortable, but looking back to my youth, I know deep inside myself, I am different. I always cared about what I wear, the crazier, the sexier, the more outrages, the better, some of you know me and remember ;-). That kept me creative and happy, not that I am unhappy now, but I realise the more money you have, the less creative you are. When I studied in London, I was stitching my dresses by hand, searching for days for new fabrics which I could afford, that made me so happy, I was proud and excited to present the world my latest creation, and now? Everything is easy, I go to the shop and buy, I can afford a lot, and that is not creative at all.

Henrieta Duffner
We all young in our hearts, just remember ...

So those documentaries and vlogs I watched recently remind me of my life before, even that these ladies on the tv monitor are decades older than me! They gave me such energy with their attitude and wisdom about life. About how important is the fashion in our everyday life, fashion keeps you young and pushes you to the next level, level of fantasy, imagination and being proud of your age no matter how old you are. You are worth to be admired at any age. My mother is a great example, the older she gets the beautiful she is.

Henrieta Duffner
Inspiration is everywhere, open your PC or Magazine, dive into the something new and challenging.

So ladies, never be scared to try whatever you dream of, never forget to always look good even on your bed while relaxing or reading. Open your door to the new tomorrows, be yourself, but always in style, not for others, but for fun and creativity in your colourful and more is more life.

For your inspiration look at Linda Rodin, Carmen Dell'Orefice or work from Ari Seth Cohen, you will be amazed how those ladies are looking and living in their 80.

Kiss H.


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