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Our first day of Ramadan 2019

Today started Ramadan, and we are very excited to enjoy our 3rd Ramadan here in Dubai.

Ramadan is for Muslims a time of spiritual reflection, improvement and increased devotion and worship. Muslims are expected to put more effort into following the teachings of Islam.

The famous Fast (sawm) begins at dawn and ends at sunset. We, expats, should respect fasting, eating or drinking at the public is prohibited, but to be honest, it's not as hard as you would believe, the first day you maybe catch yourself biting into the croissant while shopping (that happened to Marcus). But within a second, you realize it, and even Muslims gives you a blink of a smile while watching you hiding your food or drink back to the trolley. I am fasting very often without any religious connection, just because I believe that it is very healthy.

Ramadan is also a spiritual detox; the fast is not merely about denying your body food and water. It also involves arguably the more taxing challenge of avoiding arguments, loss of temper and malicious behaviour. The whole point of the fast is to demonstrate submission to God and keep the mind focused on the spiritual. The benefits can be patience and mercy, people taking part in many charities around the country, schools and communities collecting food, toys and clothes, which, let's face it; its not a bad idea.

Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting, has just started. It offers to any sincere seeker a self-reflective course that has the power to bring a revolution of the heart and help restore justice, peace and harmony in the world. Lets us dream little about a better world.

We spend our day learning, went to the French class in Alliance Francoise, which Èstelle takes two times a week.

Kisses, Ramadan Kareem,



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