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Definition BOHO and my brown overall.

I love various styles; one of them is the Boho style. I have plenty of unique pieces in my wardrobe.

Did you know that the definition "BoHo" is an abbreviation of Bohemian Homeless, self-descriptive of the style?

Designer Savannah Miller, elder sister of actress Sienna Miller, described a "real bohemian" as "someone who has the ability to appreciate beauty on a deep level, is a profound romantic, doesn't know any limits, whose world is their own creation, rather than living in a box".

Well, that accurately describes me!

Here I am wearing a beautiful short jumpsuit, with fantastic embroidery and little detail in the waist. The rich brown colour makes the jumpsuit stand out from usual designs, I love this unique piece from Free people brand.


Ramadan Kareem,



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