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Corona made me Gardener.

Hello everyone, I hope everybody is doing well. Recently, I have received plenty of messages where you are asking me if I am doing well, what happened to me, why I am not posting anything since a long time. Thank you so much for your lovely post. We are doing fantastic. The simple reason why I was not on social media is the free time we took the past months. Free time is often hard to come by. With everything from work to appointments continually demanding your time, it can often feel like it’s been months since you were able to stop and take a breather. Then if you do get the chance to stop and take a deep breath, you should use it for something useful, something which makes you bigger and better. So we did consider this time now. No travelling, no going out, no events to be attended, no school, so what you want to do? We took it pretty seriously; we kept connection solely to the family and close friends, no social media, no news. Only us, no other influence from outside. We got fed up with the entire world telling us what to do because of the Corona. We disconnected with the Corona reality, and that was the best decision we could make. We simply didn’t allow this to get us.

We are fortunate, because of our situation, we didn’t have to go out for work, so it was effortless to arrange our lives around. We stayed at home for weeks and enjoyed the beautiful weather and appreciated every day free of any responsibilities and activities, literally the heaven on earth. Finally, we managed the realisation of our big dream to produce our food, we transformed the rooftop of our house into a beautiful garden, we planted so many fruits and veggies, the list would be too long to mention them all. Everything is growing proudly, and there will be time to post some pictures, don’t worry. So we spend plenty of time on creating something useful and beautiful, and we educated our self, subscribed some online classes, we got even closer with our friends, spend so much time with them as we never did before. So this entire time we invested the best we could, I can’t complain, and I know, I got bigger and better than before. Kisses Henrieta 💋


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