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Christmas time is back and here is our christmas tree!

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This Christmas season we have plenty of visitors from the beginning of December until mid-January. So you can imagine, this is not very relaxing and quiet time, more likely running around, trying to make everyone happy.

But that is exactly what I love anyway. I am enjoying to treat my guests my very best. I love decorating my house, dressing up every day in beautiful dresses and going out from one event to other.

Nevertheless, the Christmas day is dedicated to our home and our closest friends; we celebrate like this for many years. Most of the faces meet after a long year at Christmas day on our table, and we are happy to watch the scenario.

Anyway, just wanted to show you our Christmas tree and my Christmas outfit, this year I picked this lovely light blue dress. Pictures are made with IPhone ( so not very good quality, sorry ), before our Big Dinner starts, and our friends will join us very soon.

Hope all of you will have a magical Christmas, and no one will be alone.

With love



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