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All in white

I love white color not only in my interior but also to wear.

Here is one of my outfits which I actually not wear that often. Asking myself, why not?

I have too much cloth, sometimes I loosing myself, I also most of the time tend to pick the same outfits over and over again.

Which is absolutely normal, I believe I am not the only one, but I am trying my best to change that. Today is one of those days, I have a time so lets try something new.

This combination of long hight waist skirt and shoulder free blouse is so beautiful and comfortable. It looks so feminine and shows my pure soul, haha OK, forget about the pure soul, but I look so innocent I had to make those pictures.

Silver armband and neckless are from Moonstone and my beloved crocodile earrings from Patrik Mavros.

Our little Nacho was playing around, so I had to take some pictures of him too.

This little boy is doing well, recovering from his dramatical experience.

I hope he will forget everything soon and start his new life somewhere very happy soon. Now he is still with us, and we are taking care of him like a baby.

Now is time to go out to show the world my innocence and pure soul! Enjoy your day.




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