• Henrieta Duffner

Too pink for Dubai? Just an ordinary pink day.

Aktualisiert: 20. Feb 2019

It is Wednesday very early morning, Èstelle has her French class, so we drove to Jumeira Islands. My mum and I went for a walk and made some pictures. I wear my very pink and very favourite dress with matching heels and handbag. What do you think? Is that too much for Dubai?

Henrieta Duffner

I don't think so, here is all allowed, and I enjoy it.

After our morning walk, we enjoyed a cup of tea at our friend's house.

Henrieta Duffner

And let's not forget about the shopping trip to the Emirates mall afterwards, they had the last day of sales marathon, we had to visit. I made some excellent cutch, I will report about the next days.

We visited Caffe Redurèe and Estelle's favourite yoghurt cafeteria, which was pretty good matching to my dress.



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