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Table Etiquette Vol. 1 - Drinking out of Glass Rules


Basic table etiquette for Kids.

Are table etiquette and table manners for our kids important?

Well, yes. We should not have very high expectations from our kids, and we should not stress them too much; let us keep them kids.

However, practicing good table manners with a positive and fun attitude is essential to make our kids grow into what makes us civil human beings. Good manners are necessary; it is a ritual of sharing our well-being and extending respect and courtesy toward others. Dining with our family and friends is a significant event demonstrating our manners and education. Well-behaved children keeping our company at the table make our lives better and prepare them for a confident future. In this video, we want to demonstrate how to drink correctly from the glass. Do not play with the glass or look around while drinking. Look straight into the glass, take a sip or two, and put it back on the table without big gestures. Simple as that. We had great fun making this video; my daughter was allowed to do fun stuff, which is exactly what kids love. If you train it with your kids just as we did, they will have fun memories but will also remember what is correct and what is not, and this is what we parents expect from them. To be confident in knowing what is right and what is wrong.

Have a Wonderful Day.

XoXo Henrieta


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