• Henrieta Duffner

Swan Lake Ballet Dubai

Aktualisiert: 28. Okt. 2018

Henrieta Duffner

Yesterday fashion week, today Dubai opera, Swan Lake.

I was so thrilled to see this ballet since I discovered that the Houston Ballet ensemble is here in Dubai and that exclusively only for four days!

Not only that I love anything to do with theatre, but going to see the Swan Lake with my little ballerina daughter Èstelle made it even more special.

Some of our friends advised me that the ballet is exceedingly long (3 hours), and might be a too tragic story for our little daughter, but how could I keep her at home, if there is this unique chance to see the creme de la creme of a ballet performance.

We risked it, and seriously, Èstelle was enchanted with entire atmosphere and with the fantastic performance, she was so much into it, that she lost the words for a while, Èstelle was such emotionally delighted from the music and dance, that she almost cried from happiness and joy.

Henrieta Duffner

The cutest sentence of the evening was "...the dancer can dance how she likes because her teacher is not there ...". Haha, sure, she was right, the ones going with us for the ballet classes know what we are talking.

It was an excellent decision to take her with us. And I would recommend to everyone to take their kids to see it. By the way, there was astonishingly lots of small kids.

The show was amazing, awesome, absolutely extraordinary, breathtaking. The dancers were formidable, excellent, exceptional! I am still going emotionally only thinking about it.

Therefore dear Houston Ballet, thank you for the beautiful performance, you made our evening unique, we will remember this day for a veeeeery long time.

Kiss H