• Henrieta Duffner

Romantic pink outfit

Aktualisiert: 20. Feb 2019


Today we met our lovely friends for tea after five. Weather is as usually beautiful, but you should never forget that in February after sunset gets pretty cold, not as severe as in Europe at the moment, but let's say 21°C definitively, and for someone used to hot Dubai weather, 21°C can be pretty chilly.

So my little advice for everyone visiting Emirates in the winter season, get some light jacket or jumper, you will remember me.


Today I am wearing my very favourite plissé skirt from Jacques Vert in light pink. I love this skirt for its light feeling by wearing it, and skirt is combinable with almost everything, I bought it last year and worn it so many times in all possible variations. The Top is from Victoria secret, and my shoes are from Vince Camuto. The fake fur jacket is around four years old, always good to wear in any weather condition, in Switzerland, I wear it over a warm Jacket, here to cover my shoulders. The hair accessory is a fresh flower from my lovely daughter.



I want to remind everyone, that we all live only once, please make your life beautiful, never forget that every each of us is worth to live with pride and joy. No matter in which life circumstances you are at the moment, make the best out of it, believe in yourself and set goals for the short future, you will succeed. I have decided to live like a princess because I like it this way at the moment, I do all my best to follow my wishes and dreams, sometimes is that pretty hustle, but I always stay true to myself and remind myself what I really want, and that helps me to reach my personal goals.

Stay strong and always happy.



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