• Henrieta Duffner

Old trench-dress from Zara

Aktualisiert: 13. Mai 2018

I am planning for pretty long time to organise my closet. OK, no chance at the moment, but I just looked throughout to make myself feel like, I am at least trying to do it.

Today is Monday, that means Èstelle has her ballet class. The weekdays are always busy, and I need to feel comfortable. While dancing in my closet at least pretending I am doing something, I found this very old Zara dress; it is maybe 12 years old?!!!!! I remember buying it in Frankfurt Germany, where I used to live. So pretty loooong time ago!

Anyway, I kept it because of years ago I saw a picture of Ivanka Trump wearing the same Zara dress, OK let's not talk about who wore it, let's talk about this wonderful timeless piece which is incredibly comfy for a busy day.

What do you think? Dancing in old Zara dress fits me or?