• Henrieta Duffner

Me and my piano.

Aktualisiert: 17. Juli 2018

Playing the piano has been on my bucket list for some time now, but I didn't have the time or energy to sign up for some lessons.

"If you didn't like piano lessons as a kid, then you might be missing out. Studies show playing the piano can help relieve stress, stimulate your brain, strengthen your hand muscles, and much more".

Like most people, I took the time in January to reflect on my previous year and also consider how to live well in the one to come. Taking up a new activity or sport can top the lists of things to accomplish in a new year, and the challenge can be incredibly rewarding. At the same time, starting something new can also be intimidating and short-lived. But not with the support of my daughter, she wanted to start piano lessons, so we both did it.

As some of you know Marcus, he always supports Estelle and me with everything, followed by big excitement. So he decided, if we start to play the piano, then only on the proper one, and in white, please! Fitting to our interior, so he did research about which piano should be the best for us. That took some time as usual. Because what ever Marcus do, is based on facts and statistics which he studies day by night.

So finally our Grand piano was delivered to our house in March 2018. I fell in love on the first sight. We placed it in the centre of our house to be heard everywhere.

And now????? Do you believe we are still playing???? The answer is yes! Sure! Every each day and that many times. Estelle is talented and loves making music sounds on this funny big white piece of furniture. She has already an extensive repertoire of songs she plays with both hands.

And me? I spend many hours especially at night drilling my techniques and playing beautiful songs. This 5-month learning piano gave me a lot, as said at the beginning of this article. It relieves stress ( which I do not have at all, but you never know), stimulates your brain (yes for sure).

Since I am getting older I am more curious to start new things, I am happy to have plenty of hobbies such as horse riding, sailing, swimming, painting, trading and many more.

My daughter and my hubby is my inspiration, it is good to have such inspiring people around you.



On how to successfully start a hobby- and stick with it!

Go crazy! Write down all the activities you’ve ever wanted to explore on a piece of paper. My bucket is very long and never-ending. Don’t limit yourself or think about whether or not they’re actually possible. Just have fun and welcome the possibilities! Once you have your list, go back through and begin circling anything that stands out to you.

Ask around to see if any of your friends are interested in the same activity. Trying new things with a pal can make it a lot less intimidating. You’ll also have someone holding you accountable and making sure you show up on time! In my case is my daughter she needs to practise her lessons, so we learn together.

Don’t get discouraged- it’s all about trying something you’ve never done before, so chances are you won’t be the best right away. My horse riding experience was followed by pain everywhere. I guess, some people just give up. Let go of your expectations and just enjoy this new opportunity. You’ll be so proud of yourself in the end.