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Villette Park in Cham is worth of visit.

Villette Park in Cham Switzerland Winter 2016

We are living very near to the lake Zug, so we enjoy an almost everyday lovely walk with our dog. The park nearby calls Villette Park. In the park is a charming looking restaurant on the lake, called Villa Villette. In the Winter season is the restaurant closed, but it is still worth to come along to visit this romantic place.

The former industrialist’s villa, Villa Villette, is situated in a Cham park that reaches as far as Lake Zug. You travel back into a glamorous past here but are indulged with innovative cuisine and a beautiful view over the lake and Swiss mountains.

The villa was built in 1866 for the Zurich banker and art patron Heinrich Schulthess von Meiss (1813-1898). Construction and design of the villa and the park are in connection with the railway construction from Zurich to Lucerne. It is almost exactly between those two cities. The villa is built in the Italian new Renaissance style. The extensive, 46'410 m2 parkland with the beautiful old trees is typical of the 19th century. You will find here many very extraordinary types of trees.

In 1981, the municipality of city Cham acquired the park and the villa. The "Villette Cham Foundation", established in 1986, made it possible to make this beautiful place accesible to the public, every year you can enjoy many cultural and social events here. I love this place; it is peaceful calm place in any season, very well maintained, beautiful swam of swans accompanies you in summer but also in winter waiting for you to feed them.

If you are planning to visit Zug or Cham, please do not miss this place, you will not regret it.



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