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New Year Eve 2019 Dubai

This will be difficult guys, hmmm, how can I begin this story. Let me see.

Our New year eve party was a little different as we usually celebrate. A couple of months ago my charming girlfriend suggested to celebrate this time new year eve very untraditionally, and as you know me, I am up for everything crazy, and her idea to celebrate the new year eve on the beach was actually not that bad. We have a special spot in Dubai name Banan Beach, which is a very Bohemian place with a possibility to stay overnight, with a swing in the water, huge fireplace and so on. Definitively great place to visit.

We booked the venue with a big group of friends including the sleepover idea, (OK, this idea was turning as not very good as soon December was getting closer, and as you know even in Dubai in December gets colder in the night ), but OK, I had to live with it.

The day D was getting closer and some of the friends, let's say ...the GIRLS (who else), started to complain about the temperature outside late nights, uffff I was so happy I was not alone. We have decided that we take our sleepover stuff with us, but the probability to sleep in the tent was getting less every day.

The party itself was nice, because of our all friends being together, but the organisation and the food was not as good as we were expecting, especially for Dubai, everything is usually entirely managed till the tiny detail. How to say this correctly ... we very hungry and thirsty too, but the music was excellent.

We dressed in Crazy Bohemian style and danced all night, but believe me; we were happy to spend our first night of 2019 in our beds. And that every one of us, even the strongest boys and kids.

And next year? We are going to stick to our old fashion concept.

Wishing everyone Happy New year 2019, may all your dreams come true, stay happy and healthy.




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