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Lovely partially blind kitten Nacho seeking for a new home.

There we are, this is our new lovely and curious patient kitty cat Nacho.

This little boy has been found in the garbage in Nacho chips bag, that's why the name Nacho.

He had both eyes infected and could not open it, thanks to our neighbour Ryan we could take care of this little wonder, and we managed to save one eye with treatment which had to be applied every 4 hours even at night. But why not, every little patient is worthy of proper treatment, and this little angel got it.

Voilà, here we are, very fit, one eye is saved, and this little creature can start his new life which I very much hope will be kind to him.

Unfortunately, I can not keep him because of our two cats which took over our house and will not allow another cat to stay here. I think Nacho would have a hard time to cope with those two security guys not allowing any other cat just to come closer to our door.

Anyway, we are leaving soon to Europe for some time, with very broken hart to give him back to Ryan, but I soo much hope he will have a good life as he deserves. Nacho was very much fighting to survive, so people lets show him that it was worth it.




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