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Legoland Waterpark Dubai

Henrieta Duffner
Our outfit for a fun day in Legoland Waterpark Dubai

Hallo friends!

Today was another lovely day in Dubai, the weather is getting veeeeeeery slowly better, but at least evenings are getting little colder. Marcus just got home from travelling this morning, so we decided to grab the chance an go to Estelle's favourite Waterpark in Legoland Dubai.

We all like this place, and that for many reasons. First, it is not far away from our home, and the parking situation is perfect, you always get a parking lot. Another great thing about this place, we are very spontaneous and almost never buy the tickets in advance for example online, simply we are too disorganized for this. But never mind, for this place you don't need it, it is never a queue there. We never experienced that this place would be ever packed with visitors. That means for all of you visiting this lovely fun place; you will never have to wait for any rides. You go and slide! I think this is the real reason why we all want to visit such a place, we want to have fun and slide until your but hurts :-) and not waiting.

Three of us had a great time today, and I can only confirm it the way to tell you, that both of my loveliest people, Marcus & Estelle, already sleeping since we have arrived home, even without dinner.

I genuinely recommend this waterpark; it is easy going water fun in big Dubai. Especially in this hot weather, the perfect place to spend all day and have great fun!

Kiss H.

Beautiful Èstelle waiting for the buggy in Waterpark Dubai.


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