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Edith Piaf on Valentines Day

Is there something more romantic as going to the Opera to see Edith Piaf show on Valentines Day? No, definitively not. This year Valentines was very spectacular for not only me but for all of us.

I grew up in French-German-Czech influence, in my childhood listening to Edith Piaf songs singing by my grandmother was nothing unusual; it was our everyday ritual.

Finding that in Dubai Opera will be Edith Piaf Show made me so happy!

That is so romantic and so special and all that on Valentine's day!

We didn't have to think long about what to wear! Our princess has to go in red to carry the love and we ladies wearing beautiful green gowns.

I love this stunning dark green dress sprinkled with original Swarovski stones.

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The show was exceptionally entertaining, and the singer was excellent, we had a great time, crying and thinking about our elegant, beautiful lady and grandmother Marie. We miss you every day.

After the show, we celebrated Valentine's day like monarchs, in gold and red, with tradition food, tea and music!


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