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Dubai Garden Center Visit

My Garden Friends👩🏻‍🌾🧑🏼‍🌾! The picture is from my last visit @dubaigardencentre. Where do you buy your plants? There are several ways to approach the acquisition of plants for your new or established garden. Me as a gardener beginner, I need inspiration and advice, despite the plethora of information on the web and my bookshelves. Often, that inspiration is unexpectedly at my feet, when I visit one of my local nurseries. Here is my reason why you should use that local nursery as your prime plant resource. For new gardeners especially, nothing beats the opinion of a person who works with plants for a living. Plants are complex organisms, and keeping them healthy requires knowledge and practice. Not only do they know everything about the specific plants in stock, but local nursery also knows your local weather conditions, which I believe is essential to consider, our sweltering summers can destroy all work we have done. The Dubai Garden Center is the perfect place to visit, to be honest, is not the cheapest, but you will find healthy indoor/outdoor plants accompanied by helpful and skilled staff advising you the best. This place is very inspiring in many aspects, garden and outdoor furniture or little garden decoration, which is always needed to make your garden neat and looking happy. Let's not forget about the fantastic Roseleaf Cafe, with amazing Home Made Food! Let me know where do you buy your plants?

🍀Green greetings to everyone 💋🍀


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