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Dubai desert, family and dog.

If you are asking what to do in your free time with your dog? I have the answer! Go to the desert for camping or just grilling!

Since we have our dog Juliet, I always trying to plan our activities so she can join us in most cases.

When we used to had our dog in Switzerland, the planing was a pretty easy task, in Switzerland is possible to take a dog almost everywhere, even to the shopping centre, I am not kidding.

Here in Dubai, it might be a little tricky, but if you do your research, you will be surprised how many places actually allow dogs. But this in the next article.

Today we went to the desert not far from where we live, to check Juliet, how she will be behaving free walking in nature, as we still do not know her that much every day is a trial. We thought she maybe runs away, and we have to search for her in dunes. But all went smooth, she was happily running and sniffing like she never been free before. That made me happy.

We had a fantastic sunset, weather was perfect, such a lovely afternoon.

From now, we take Juliet to next desert trips! She is desert fox anyway, at least looks like one, or? What do you think?

See you soon in the desert!




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