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Dubai, Bikiny, black and white beach outfit.

In Dubai it is summer, and it is pretty hot, but we have to keep up with that what we have, so today is beach time.

Styled like always, my old bikini from Italy bought in 2016, OMG they are still in good condition, maybe because my bikini repertoire is so extensive I barely worn them last years.

Anyway, they fit perfect, my black hat from Switzerland, don't ask which brand, it's too long to remember.

Are you asking about my jewellery? Yes, I need them, yes I go swimming with my jewellery. Look, it's simple; you buy yourself jewellery, where you would like to wear them? Are you waiting for a special occasion? Hmm, by some of you this occasion might be just a couple of time a year, you really want to wait that long? Not me, life is fun every day, so my jewellery goes out of the box, voilà let's go on the beach.




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