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Best time ever

We travel since quite some time now, at the moment we just relaxing doing not much, just sitting around, splashing our feeds in our private pool, far far away from the civilisation, counting the lizards and frogs jumping around, listening to the melodic tweets of exotic birds and breathing the fresh air.

This is simply the best time ever. People find very difficult to relax and through everything behind as I did. Since I am a mother I changed remarkably, for me is essential every each day, don't want to waste it doing things they bring my daughter or me nothing. I know that this time never comes back, that's why spending maximum time with my daughter is that what is very important to me.

Since Estelle was born, we have never been apart a single day (Ok, not true, there was a couple of days, I had to go to the hospital for a small operation).

I know nothing would change if I would not see her for a day or two, but to be honest with you, I am not willing to, not at the moment. It is for me great pleasure to be a companion of this little human. To hear the sentence "Mama where are you?" only because I just left the room, it might be sometimes annoying, but there will be one day the day when no one will ask for me anymore. Believe or not, that will be a very lonely time. That's why all this. I want to have my best friend always by my side; she must feel she can always rely on me, that I still will be there if Estelle needs me for not only now but in the future when she has to cope with her own life.

I am calling this article best time ever, not because of this day today, having chilling time in a beautiful hotel with my beautiful family, but because I have it every day since I have my family.



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