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Èstelles first ballet concert in Dubai

There are moments in our lives which are absolutely unforgettable. I have been lucky all my life being throughout those moments many times. Already the fact to be able to stay at home with my daughter and spend every second of her life with her is for me the biggest treasure I have.

Today had our little Èstelle her first ballet show, imagine, this little girl is still officially three years old, going to be soon 4, but anyway..... She is amazing brave girl, and I am so proud of her. She plays piano, dance, riding a pony, learn French, speaks fluent three languages just a few to say, at this age?

After the show, I spoke to my mother, send her pictures and just talked. She surprised me with her last words on the phone. She said; "You should be proud of yourself daughter, you are the best mum in the world." She shocked me with her words because I never saw that this way, but it is true, I am trying to do the best for Èstelle giving her all my love and all my time. Thank you mom, for telling me that, the words you said, I feel so proud of myself.

Today was another big day for our Duffner Clan. Our little ballerina is getting where she belongs. The world is waiting for you ... full of unforgettable moments and only good things.

We love you Shining Star!



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